Rugby development in Khayelitsha township

8th Dec 2015 0

The Rugby World Cup has come and gone and the Boks team is still a topical issue. With only 8 black players in the team that competed in the world cup, transformation of rugby remains necessary.
In order to deal with the challenge of poor rugby development in Khayelitsha, Connect Community Development established a rugby academy to nurture the skills of young rugby players and afford them an opportunity to play rugby.

Lack of recreational facilities for the youth of Makhaza

15th Oct 2015 0

The recent tragedy which occurred at Osi’s place tavern in Makhaza, Khayelitsha, eight young women most of them underage were killed and others injured after a staircase railing collapsed highlights the problem of a serious lack of recreational facilities for township youth.
Elitsha took it upon itself to investigate the extent and the state of recreational and sports facilities for young people in the area. It found that there is only one park which is in a good condition and a dilapidated youth centre, no longer in use.

“We are all Africans”

31st Jul 2015 0

During the 2008 xenophobic attacks that left 62 dead, the picture of the burning man, Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave captured the horror of South Africa’s xenophobic […]