MyCiti buses take off in Khayelitsha

Mzimkhulu getting off the bus.
Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

After a six month delay the MyCiti buses were finally launched in Khayelitsha, providing a new public transport option for Khayelitsha residents who used to depend on trains, Golden Arrow buses and minibus taxis. MyCiti Councillor Brett Herron, said this is part of the city’s drive to make progress possible, “together with our residents.” The buses travel between Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain and the Cape Town Civic Centre Station. From Cape Town they connect to other parts of the city, including Atlantis on the West Coast, the Waterfront and Hout Bay. Herron said, “The roll out of the first phase of the service to the Cape Flats and is the only the beginning of a process by the city to transform public transport in these areas.

“Commuters can save money if they buy mover points in advance of their journey”. Commuter Mzimkhulu Maphukatha (60), said MyCiti is more comfortable and the bus does not over take like the minibuses do. Maphukatha said he usually uses a train when he goes to town because Golden Arrow buses are far from where he lives. “Going to a bus we have to cross the train which is dangerous because people are being robbed, with MyCiti in our area, I’m happy and I’m safe, because the bus stop is not far,” he said. However Maphukatha said he wishes that city can create a special rate for pensioners. “This MyCiti is going to be a great assistance to us,” said Maphukatha.

Herron added that this is a route that the city and taxi bosses agreed on. He said that four more bus stops are being constructed in other parts of Khayelitsha. “This is the first milestone of many to come in our endeavours to improve the mobility of residents in the metro, south east and to link them to opportunities and a amenities across the city,” said Herron. At least 80 taxi drivers are trained to drive the MyCiti buses.

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Vox pops

Wearing black top: Anelisa Dulaze,(19) from Khayelitsha B-Sections, says “It could be nice to have the MyCiti bus going to busy areas like Khayelitsha Mall. Even though I haven’t used the MyCiti bus I can see from a distance that it’s comfortable. I would love to see the bus going to Khayelitsha Mall and other areas; at least it can make things very easy as we won’t have to wait for taxis for a long time.”

Nangamso Tshutsha,(35) from Khayelitsha BM section, says he does not like the idea of MyCiti bus in Khayelitsha. “It’s so funny now that MyCiti is in Khayelitsha, then roads are being fixed. At least the money should be used to upgrade our areas instead of fixing roads for MyCiti”. He said Khayelitsha was doing fine with taxis.

Nokhanyo Mayongo, from Kuyasa, says having MyCiti going to Khayelitsha could be a good thing, however it can cause conflict. “We can¹t run away from the fact that our people (meaning taxi drivers), will lose lots of money because of this MyCiti bus”.

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