B-Section kids play in danger

19th Dec 2016 0

A lack of playground facilities in Khayelitsha B-Section means children are risking their lives by crossing the busy Mandela Road in order to get to a playpark in neighbouring A-Section.

The healthy and delicious truck food in Khayelitsha

29th Nov 2016 0

In the age of tshisanyamas in the township, an entrepreneur is offering healthy food as an alternative.
An old school bus, painted black and refurbished as a top quality travelling kitchen, can be found parked outside popular township tshisanyamas and offering delicious healthy food as an alternative to plates full of braaied meat.

Veggie garden feeds and greens Khayelitsha

29th Nov 2016 0

The establishment of a food garden at Isikhokelo Primary school in Khayelitsha has sparked a small vegetable gardening revolution in the township.
Founder of the Ikhaya Food Garden at Isikhokelo Primary, Xolisa Banga, said he approached the school to plant vegetables on a portion of their property in 2013 in order to help feed the children and educate the community about healthy eating.

Mobile Satellite Police Station in Site C

14th Nov 2016 0

Despite a mobile police station in the area, residents believe that crime continues unabated.
While a new mobile police station in Site C has been helpful for people wanting to verify documents and obtain affidavits, residents say it does nothing to prevent crime.
The mobile station was placed at the Site C shopping plaza on 27 May this year and opened by national deputy minister of police, Maggie Sotyu, who claimed that it would be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in order to strengthen the fight against crime.