#Police brutality at University campuses across the country

11th October 2016 Mzi Velapi Ramatamo wa Matamong 0

As university students across the country intensify their demand for free education under the banner of #FeesMustFall, their cause has not been peaceful with incidents of violence being widely reported. Those who are sympathetic are getting worried that the violence associated with the students’ protests is sabotaging their legitimate claim which is in line with the Freedom Charter that there shall be free and compulsory education.

Protestors vow to continue to put pressure on Mugabe

11th August 2016 Bernard Chiguvare 0

Two recent protests at the Zimbabwe Consulate have given a political voice to Zimbabweans based in South Africa.
Zimbabweans that include students from the University of Cape Town, University of Western Cape, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Stellenbosch University marched twice this month to the Zimbabwe consulate to handover petition to the Consulate General.

UCT Shackville protesters effectively expelled

25th May 2016 GroundUp 0

An interdict against a number of University of Cape Town (UCT) students was made an order of court. As a result, five students find themselves effectively expelled.
The five (of the original 16 named respondents) are not allowed on campus for an indefinite period of time except with express written consent of the vice-chancellor. They are: Alex Hotz, Masixole Mlandu, Chumani Maxwele, Slovo Magida and Zola Shokane. They will also have to pay UCT’s costs including the costs of two counsel.

#FeesMustFall feature

8th December 2015 Mzi Velapi 0

In October 2015, we saw one of the biggest student protests in post apartheid Africa. Students from tertiary institutions protesting against fee increments and called for “free quality Afrocentric socialist education.” Outsourced workers at the instutions joined the protest action calling for insourcing. So much has been written on the campaign and what lessons that can be learnt from it.
The protest was a response to proposed fee hikes by the institutions.

Student-worker alliance forces universities to insource

8th December 2015 Mzi Velapi 0

Service workers at South Africa’s universities were outsourced since the late 1990’s after the ANC government adopted its GEAR economic policy. This meant that cleaners, security, transport and catering workers were no longer directly employed by univerities. They were now employed by outsourced companies, losing most of their benefits and earning less than half their wages.