Poorest in Zimbabwe look for food in dumps

29th June 2018 0

Tsanzaguru is a relatively new township in Rusape about 200km away from Harare. Residents complain that Rusape Municipality is dumping food in the area, inviting scavenging by unscrupulous vendors.

Mass evictions from social housing complex

7th June 2018 0

About 30 families in Steenberg were evicted from their homes in Steenvilla complex on Wednesday. Steenvilla is the largest social housing complex in Cape Town with over 700 units.

Gender-based violence on the rise in the Western Cape

6th June 2018 0

In a meeting with various organisations the Commission for Gender Equality revealed that incest, parents forcing children into marriage, female farm workers sleeping with male supervisors to secure work, and child trafficking for sex work is rife in the Western Cape.

City of Cape Town accused of dividing the community

25th May 2018 0

A meeting between leadership of the Vrygrond community and the City of Cape Town, after several stand-offs between law enforcement officers and backyarders who have attempted to occupy vacant land, has not taken place even though a date was set.

Vrygrond land occupiers defiant

14th May 2018 0

Backyarders in Vrygrond near Muizenberg have vowed to continue building shacks on a piece of land that they have occupied because they cannot “afford to pay rent” anymore.

One death as police disperse Mitchell’s Plain gathering

4th May 2018 0

The conflict between the Siqalo and Mitchell’s Plain communities flared up late on Thursday, despite the suspension by Siqalo of their protest action. Police fired on a gathering of Mitchell’s Plain residents, killing one and wounding two.

Siqalo and broader Mitchell’s Plain communities clash

3rd May 2018 0

The situation was calm at Siqalo informal settlement on Thursday morning following a protest for land, housing and provision of better services by the City of Cape Town. The protest, which saw the barricading of Jakes Gerwel Drive with burning tyres and communal waste containers, resulted in a counter-protest from residents of Colorado Park. The protest has been suspended following a meeting between community groups in Mitchell’s Plain.