The Anti-Zuma protest in Cape Town

Anti-Zuma march in Cape Town

Cape Townians took to the street calling for President Zuma to step down following a cabinet reshuffle

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa



The Anti-Zuma campaign protesters have vowed to use their strength as a massively united structure to roll out continuous civil protest actions until President Jacob Zuma heeds their demand for him to steps down from office.

The sentiment was expressed by more than 10 000 Capetonians from diverse backgrounds who protested through the CBD and outside parliament calling for the president to vacate his office following the recent cabinet reshuffle.The South African flag and placard waving men and women of all ages formed part of the nation wide shut down on Black Friday by Save South Africa and other civil organizations.

A large group of the South Peninsula residents also formed a long human chain and waved placards along the main road in Newlands, Plumstead, Rondebosch, Tokai, Muizenberg and other areas to show their support for the cause.

The cabinet reshuffle reportedly resulted in international rating agencies downgrading South Africa to junk status after the removal of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas, his deputy from cabinet last month.

Besides explosive chants and slogans shouted by the protesters, some conveyed their Anti-Zuma sentiments through various artistic expressions that included digitally manipulated photographs.

Traffic cops were also left with their hands full as they battled to control the slow driving heavy-duty vehicles that displayed Zuma Must Go placards in the streets of the CBD.

A group of bikers displayed their support when they appeared amongst the toyi-toying energetic crowd in their motorbikes. Private companies and some political parties also took advantage of the event to promote their organizations and brands.

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Protesters outside of parliament

Some of the speakers who addressed the crowd described the head of state as a crook in a suit, a visionless leader and a dictator.

“The people united will never be defeated. Let our politicians not to divide us.”

“We have to stand together to make a difference, no matter what political affiliation, race or economic class you come from”.

“We must work together for the good of this country”.

“What happens right now is wrong. It does not benefit us socially and economically”.

“I do not think any of us want to live in a junk status country where the president does not care about his citizens or how his decisions affected them,” said Melissa Smith of the Voices to Save SA.

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