Land occupiers and special school at odds over land

8th Apr 2017 Joseph Chirume 0

A school in the Eastern Cape that provides special education to intellectually disabled children is facing a myriad of challenges. The school has an acute shortage of teachers, overcrowding and a critical shortage of special teaching guides.

Luthando Luvuyo Special School in Port Elizabeth. It has been plagued by staff shortages and overcrowding in its classes. The school is also in need of more classrooms. To compound the school’s predicament, next to it is Sharpeville informal settlement.

Cleaners’ union wants the minimum wage to be raised to R5,000

19th Dec 2016 Joseph Chirume 0

The recent announcement by the government that the national minimum wage should be set at R3,500 a month has not settled well with some employees, including their labour organisations.
The contentious issue of the national minimum wage has been a subject of debate for many years the government, employers and labour unions. Labour unions feel that R3,500 is just a drop in an ocean in light of the current socio-economic situation plaguing the country.

LGBTI festival highlights hate crimes against homosexuals

8th Dec 2015 Elitsha reporters 0

Hate crimes are not yet recognized as unique crimes under South African law and there are no reliable figures about the extent of the problem in the country. Although South Africa is one of the few countries that recognises same-sex marriages, hate crimes are still prevalent.
Recent studies show that homophobia is still a major problem. A 2013 study by the Pew Research Center found that up to 61 per cent of South Africans believe society should not accept homosexuality.

Victory for poor students and workers at NMMU

8th Dec 2015 Joseph Chirume 0

After weeks of protests and putting pressure on university management, students from poor families and workers at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University were victorious. The university council released a statement saying that they have resolved to commit the university to ending outsourcing of service workers. The council also pledged debt relief for students.

Student-nurses at Dora Nginza go on strike

15th Oct 2015 Joseph Chirume 0

Trainee nurses at Port Elizabeth’s Lilitha campus spent three weeks locked out of the college protesting against a new protocol that required them to wear their uniforms when attending lectures.
The nurses, who are based at Lilitha’s sub-campus at Dora Nginza hospital, felt that the college was overstepping its mandate as this was not part of the agreement they had signed when they enrolled for their nursing programme.