Public toilets access in some towns in the Eastern Cape

7th February 2018 0

There are towns in the Eastern Cape that one needs to avoid when having a running stomach. This is because these towns lack public toilets and in some you have to pay before using them. To use a clean toilet in these towns you must be willing to pay at least R2.

Toilet cleaners work under poor working conditions

28th October 2017 1

Toilet cleaners in East London are complaining about bad working conditions. Working under the Expanded Public Works Programme, the cleaners, the majority of them women, say they do not get protective gear and sometimes have to buy cleaning materials themselves. Some work without an uniform.

57-year old Eastern Cape woman without an ID

25th October 2017 0

“This is very frustrating. I just thank God that I do not have children otherwise they were going to suffer just like me. I’m being treated as a stranger in my own country. I feel like I do not belong here because I do not have anything that identifies me as South African”

Ramaphosa officially opens Empilisweni HIV/AIDS and Orphans care centre

19th September 2017 0

Empilisweni Centre, mainly funded by National Lottery, helps the community of Ndevana and surrounding areas. It has 200 volunteers who do door-to-door visits to needy families. They clean houses for elderly people, assist orphans and help patients with chronic conditions and those who struggle to travel either due to lack of finance or sickness.

Ten mobile classes delivered in Dedeni Primary school

16th August 2017 0

Ululations, clapping of hands and dancing occurred at Dedeni Primary school in Lusikisiki, north of Port St Johns, when the Eastern Cape Department of Education delivered 10 mobile classes and toilets early this month.