Cleaners’ union wants the minimum wage to be raised to R5,000

19th December 2016 Joseph Chirume 0

The recent announcement by the government that the national minimum wage should be set at R3,500 a month has not settled well with some employees, including their labour organisations.
The contentious issue of the national minimum wage has been a subject of debate for many years the government, employers and labour unions. Labour unions feel that R3,500 is just a drop in an ocean in light of the current socio-economic situation plaguing the country.

Family of murdered Mozambican migrant still hurting

21st June 2016 Ramatamo wa Matamong 0

A year after their beloved son was brutally murdered in a xenophobic attack in Alexandra, the family of the late Emmanuel Sithole, a Mozambican national, wants closure.
Sithole, who at the time was making a living by selling cigarettes and snacks on the pavement, died on the 18th of April 2015 of stab wounds inflicted by four local thugs who refused to pay for a cigarette that they took from him.

Foreign shop owners still struggling

21st June 2016 Bernard Chiguvare 0

Most foreign national shop owners in Dunoon are struggling to re-establish their businesses a month after the shops were looted by the residents following housing protests.
Some have completely closed down and moved to other places while others have gone back to their respective countries. Elitsha tried to call some shop owners whose shops were closed but they never answered the calls.