Uber driver still has “flashbacks” of acid attacks

23rd Aug 2017 Ramatamo Sehoai 0

Kgomotso Tiro, an Uber driver cannot believe he is alive to share his traumatic and life threatening experience. He has just been discharged from Helen Joseph Hospital. He spoke of how he narrowly missed death on the night of the 6th of August 2017 when an unknown assailant disguised as a passenger dragged him to an isolated place, poured him with an acid and set him alight.

Careworkers demand better working conditions

18th Aug 2017 Dibuseng Phaloane 0

Care workers are classified by their employers as volunteers and not employees. As such, the proposed minimum wage does not cover them. They get paid less than R2,000 a month. If they fall pregnant, women are forced to quit their jobs or take unpaid leave.

Radio feature on the widows of Marikana

17th Aug 2017 Mzi Velapi 0

This radio feature looks at how the Marikana widows are surviving and the promises that were made to them. It was produced by Workers’ World Media Productions in 2014, two years after the massacre.

Massacre at Marikana: Union leaders caught between a rock and a hard place

17th Aug 2017 Martin Jansen 0

It has been five years since the Marikana Massacre which saw 34 miners dying at the hands of the South African Police Services after they went on a strike calling for a wage demand of R12,500 amongst other things. At the time of massacre Workers’ World Media Productions Director, Martin Jansen penned this piece and we thought we should re-publish it here since justice is still begging.

Unions condemn job cuts at Pick n Pay

3rd Aug 2017 Mzi Velapi 0

Pick n Pay has announced that it is to shed 3,500 jobs in the Western Cape. Its announcement was met this week by condemnation from the union at the frontline, SACCAWU as well as COSATU and SAFTU.

The future of work in the era of artificial intelligence

1st Aug 2017 Equal Times 0

The premise that intelligent machines will perform tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost than human beings is by no means far-fetched. The challenges facing the workers of the future are multiplying before our very eyes.

Vavi reports to SAFTU in Cape Town

26th Jul 2017 Mzi Velapi 0

We want to professionalise the union”, said Vavi. According to him, 52% of the cases that are taken to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) are won by the employers. “You get chairpersons who were never trained on their duties and because of this, they surround themselves with corrupt organisers. When they go to meetings they don’t even have a pen or notebook so that they report back to the workers.”